NEW Elite Cargo Trailer


Elite will be fitting a new style of tent as from the end of this month. Get in Quick to be the first to be seen on the road. The tent mounting on the trailer will be on sail track so it will be easier to remove for any maintenance issues. Give us a call to discuss. Winter is here but the weather is still warm up north. Get a new camper and follow the sun.


Elite have just released there new 2016 Sprinter Cargo Trailer. this trailer come with the proven Elite Braking system and all the other feature that you expect from the Elite range. Weighing only 130 kgs it is suitable for bikes and small cars. This trailer has 600 litres of storage under the lid plus additional storage in the Cargo basket . If more storage is required we can fit an optional front pod with another 200 litres of storage or fit the optional cargo rack. The great thing about this trailer it can easily be converted to a full camper with the addition of a fully set up camper lid if you decide you want upgrade..

The price for this trailer for use behind a motorcycle is only $5150.00

The price for this trailer for use behind a small car is only $4650.00